Greetings from the “White House”

This is the first lesson in a series looking at “what is a local church”, and why do we need a local church like Manchaca Bible Fellowship? There are Biblical reasons why MBF has chosen to operate in the manner we do, along with some very practical physical reasons. This series attempts to examine those reasons, and demonstrate ways in which each person who is a part of MBF can enhance the value of the spiritual life of the church, while at the same time bringing spiritual growth the each member. I feel that the truths taught in this series are SO VERY important, AND there is also a need for each person at MBF to know and understand these reasons. Therefore, I will be sending a copy of each lesson to each and every family on the mailing list of MBF even if you were in attendance when these lessons were given. I ask that you read them again, and save them for future reference. If each of us would learn and give heed to these truths, MBF would develop into a church like no other of any time. Thank you for your attention in these matters.

Pastor White